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Quality Boat Seat Covers in Sarnia

An ideal way to give your boat a new look is to upgrade the upholstery. At Bluewater Padded Accents, we offer boat seat covers from reputable brands. You can also rely on us for upholstery of RVs and trailers. Considering our four decades of experience, you can rest assured that we are always up to date with the latest in the industry. We offer:

Marine-grade and commercial products

Boat cabin upholstery

Cockpit upholstery

Outdoor furniture cushions

Accent chairs

Dinette chairs

Premium Upholstery Service

Leave it to our team at Bluewater Padded Accents for upholstery work. Whether you want to protect the furnishings of a new boat, or add to the comfort in your RV, we have the right upholstery for you. Contact us for a detailed estimate.

Made-to-measure Upholstery

Are you looking forward to giving your RV a facelift? Visit us for new covers on existing cushions, boxed cushions and more.

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