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About Us

Bluewater Padded Accents was started in 1980 by Sandy as she made padded caps for water beds. She worked out of the basement of her house. At the time, she supplied her products to 19 stores across Canada. As that industry started shrinking, she decided to expand her skills. Sandy had a boat that was in need of new canvas, so she figured it was worth a try. Once the canvas was completed, others could see what was possible on their own boats in Sandy’s hands.


The new orders coming in made her move to the garage to accommodate the needs of boaters. It wasn't long before business started to drastically pick up further. Sam soon joined the business as a partner. Sam took on the upholstery end of the business as well as frames for the boats. Together, they decided a new, larger building was necessary to keep up with the upholstery demand. Two properties adjacent to the shop were purchased. The house in the middle property was torn down for parking. The far building that was once a dance hall was turned into the upholstery division.


Today, we are known for our quality custom canvas covers and upholstery for boats, RVs, and trailers. We have customers in the US who come all the way to work with us. With over 40 years in the business, we have been able to maintain great business relationships with our new and long-term customers.


Contact us to learn more about our business.

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